Another “Famously Hot” August Wedding!

Congrats to Liana and Tammy! They form a new family with their beautiful daughters.

It’s always an honor to unite a couple in marriage. To wish them joy and blessings as new families are formed, and new bonds are forged. How fortunate we are to have marriage equality! What a “traditional” married couple takes for granted – spousal health benefits and insurance benefits; tax and estate benefits; even the right to visit your spouse in ICU – is now granted to every married couple!




Weddings, Moving, and More Weddings!

Borrowing a line from one of my favorite singer/songwriters Jimmy Buffett, “It’s been quite a summer.”

In May, we moved from Alabama to South Carolina, lock, stock, dogs, cats, and all. Always an interesting process! While I haven’t updated this site in a while, I haven’t stopped performing marriages! I am happily busy making couples happily married. My job is the best ever – I get to start couples off on the wonderful, crazy journey called marriage.

Some weddings are large, formal affairs, with plenty of attendants, loads of flowers, favors, cute décor, pomp and circumstance. Some weddings are sort of in-between: a little fancy but a lot more laid-back. And some are just me and the marrying couple. I just married a couple at a Starbucks. Yep, you read that right.

No matter where you see yourself along that spectrum: full blown fancy, laid back with a Real Tree theme (yes, that happened, too), an intimate wedding at a B&B, or just the 2 of you at Starbucks, I can work with you to craft exactly the experience you’re looking for!

You may notice that I don’t use the phrase “bride and groom.” Sometimes, I have that. Sometimes, I have two brides, sometimes two grooms. Sometimes a couple and their children. Sometimes a dog is a ring bearer. You get the idea. I try to be inclusive. That’s what love is all about.dandmandme


erin n matt

Haley n Matt







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Enjoy the photos, and as always, I wish you a lifetime of love & happiness. (And if you want to hear a very pretty love song, check out “Love and Happiness” sung my Mark Knopfler and Emmylou Harris.)

I Won an Award!

Thank you for choosing me!

If you want a quote for your wedding, PLEASE use my Contact form, or call me directly at 254-458-8983. (Much as I appreciate Thumbtack, it costs me money to use them. I’d rather keep my prices low for my clients!)

Love across generations!

michael_nelda erin_mat1

I had the opportunity to preside over the marriage of Michael and Nelda, a feisty couple in their 70’s, last Friday. It was a spur-of-the-moment courthouse wedding and I was glad I could take a lunch break and do the honors!

Today, I married Erin and Mat. High school sweethearts, Erin is now in Veterinary School at Auburn. War Eagle! They were such a loving and cute couple and it was an honor to perform their marriage.

Thankful In January

grow-in-love-wI am thankful to be able to say that my appointment book is filling! Only 1 Saturday is left in May. I am privileged to be able to start the married lives of so many beautiful, loving couples. Every wedding brings me such joy!

Plan Ahead for your Courthouse Wedding!

Thinking of a Courthouse Wedding or elopement? Make sure you plan ahead! In Alabama, Russell County does not provide an Officiant to perform on-site weddings. And starting February 1st, neither will Lee County.

I can perform a Courthouse wedding at a very reasonable cost. Don’t be caught unaware at the last minute – make sure you have an Officiant with you to legalize your wedding!